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We offer a variety of photo packages in Studio City depending on your price point and how many looks you’d like. In photography, a “look” is considered one outfit change. If you want to showcase your range for your modeling portfolio, for example, you may want to be photographed in a variety of styles. Explore the packages below to find the number of looks that best suits your needs. With any questions, give us a call and our front desk staff can help you pick the package that’s right for you.

How Many Looks Do You Need?

1 Look


Our simplest package is pretty straightforward: One look to showcase the best version of you! We recommend adhering to these headshot dos and don’ts to ensure you maximize your time in front of the camera.

2 Looks


Show off a bit of versatility with two looks in your photo session. Whether your photos will be used as professional headshots, as part of a portfolio, or for social media, it’s always nice to have options—or a backup—for different projects.

3 Looks


With three looks, you’ll have the chance to show the camera multiple facets of your personality. Whether playful or serious, it’s all about having fun capturing the many sides of you!

4 Looks


Showcase a wide variety of looks with this comprehensive package perfect for professional actors, models, or anyone else looking to display a range of styles or emotions.

Additional Looks


The sky’s the limit when it comes to your photo session—that’s why additional looks can be purchased à la carte if there’s more you’d like to explore.

Photo Retouching


With our photo retouching packages, we can edit out minor imperfections or blemishes while keeping your photos as natural-looking as possible.


What’s better than getting a new smile you can wear proudly? Having the pictures to prove it! Pair your dental services with a fresh set of headshots to show off your new grin.

Teeth Whitening + 1 Look

Dr. Lisa will brighten your smile and Diondre will capture your megawatt grin all under the same roof.

Cosmetic Makeover + 1 Look

Whatever your cosmetic dentistry goals may be, showcase them proudly by taking a fresh set of headshots after your makeover is complete.

Invisalign + 1 Look

Your straightened new smile deserves to be seen! After you’ve completed your Invisalign treatments, have a professional photo session to capture your new grin.

Additional Looks

You can purchase additional photo looks à la carte after any of your dental services. Get in touch with any questions about pricing or packaging options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the photo session take place?

Your photoshoot will be inside our Image LA studio or an outdoor location nearby. This depends on the kind of photo session you request.

Will Hair/Make-up service be supplied for the shoot?

Please come with your hair styled for the shoot. Minor adjustments can be accommodated during the session. It’s suggested that you have your make-up done professionally. Headshots are all about looking as natural as possible. But even some makeup is required to achieve this. If you are proficient and choose to do your own make-up, keeping it simple is suggested. There is no need for heavy contouring nor distracting jewelry (i.e. earrings, nose rings, etc) unless it is specific to the kind of shoot we are doing (i.e. glamour, fashion, stylized).

If you would like your make-up done by one of our make-up artists, remember there is an additional cost and you will need to schedule an appointment before the shoot.

Can I bring my own music?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring music that helps get and keep you in the mood. We can connect it from your mobile device via bluetooth speaker.

What are acceptable form of payment?

Cash, Venmo, Zelle, Check, or Credit Card are all accepted forms of payment. Please bring payment to the shoot unless something else has been discussed/arranged.

Is there a deposit to book a photo session?

Yes. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve any photo session independent of dental/photo packages. Your deposit will go towards the total investment of your shoot.​

48 hours noticed is required for rescheduling. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your shoot an additional $100 will be required in order to reschedule.

How will the photos be delivered?

The photos will be delivered to your email with a link to a downloadable file with the images from your session.

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