Can I Leave My Invisalign Out for a Day?

Can I Leave My Invisalign Out for a Day?

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One of the most significant benefits of Invisalign is that aligners can be easily removed. This makes it easy for patients to enjoy their meals while maintaining good oral hygiene. To reap the maximum benefits of Invisalign, putting on your aligners for at least 20 hours per day is advisable.

What Happens If I Skip Wearing Invisalign for a Day?

Sometimes you may forget to put on your aligners or prefer skipping wearing them for convenience. How can this affect your progress and the treatment? Some of the most significant risks of failing to wear your Invisalign for a day include the following:

Your Treatment Will Be Prolonged

The Invisalign treatment duration depends on how long you wear the aligners throughout the day. Therefore, if you skip wearing your Invisalign for a day, it is more likely your treatment will take longer.

Your Teeth Will Move to Their Initial Position

When you leave your Invisalign out for prolonged periods of time, your efforts toward gaining an attractive smile will be fruitless. Your teeth will quickly start moving back to the incorrect position.

You May Have to Use Your Old Aligners

If you fail to wear your aligner for the recommended amount of time, there is a probability that the current aligner may fail to fit. You may be forced to return to using your old aligners.

In the worst-case scenario, the old aligner may not fit you. This not only means that you won’t achieve the desired outcome, but you have to spend more money to acquire a new set of aligners.

What If My Clear Aligners are Uncomfortable?

Invisalign uses a series of custom molds designed to move teeth gradually. Since most individuals are not used to having something applying pressure to their teeth, they may feel uncomfortable initially. It is essential to note that the pressure causes the teeth to shift simultaneously.

As indicated earlier, taking your trays out even for a few hours can jeopardize your efforts to acquire that beautiful smile. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid thinking about your teeth and acknowledge that the discomfort won’t last for a lifetime.

If you experience gum pain, you may be dealing with a bacteria build-up. Ensure you reach out to your cosmetic dentist in Studio City if your set of aligners has become excessively uncomfortable.

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